02 August 2016

#1 Bukan Kutuk, Cakap je

When you get a first (or 2nd or etc) job, and yeah of course kau akan happy yedak? (Ada ke yang tak happy? Im just wondering. Hmm) okay nevermind. Before that! I will try to wrote this entry in english. (Bedah cakap omputih uolss!) okay jap! Im not good in english, just try. Give me a chance k? 😉 broken pun broken la janji aku paham. Haha 

Okay start now! 

Look, i have a officemate (yeah of course if you're working you must have a officemate. C'mon laa normal things kot), sometimes their will show they're own BELANG. Did you know what i mean? Do crazy things, make the office like they father got shares with that company. Kau ghase? Fed up? I cant say no but I can't say yes too. Hahha complicated right? 


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